HL500 Yamaha GMC Replica #2

Sold NewYork

The following is an example of what you can get and

you can pick your own colors and add options

New HL500 frames will be by Frame Crafters

If you have fast internet, here is a video of the bike on its test run, before delivery. HL500 Video

For those with steam powered computer. Crank up the sound. Iphone Video

 Following project is GMC 1978 HL500 Yamaha Replica frame #29

GMC Yamaha HL500 Frame
She is finally rolling.
Engine is in.
HL 50 Side panel
HL tank
HL500 Tank right
TT500 Engine
YZ400 Rear
Fox Forks
HL500 Replica Right
HL500 Replica Left

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Intro movie by vmxtv.com