Steve McQueen 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross

The most iconic motocross bike in history.

One of only three 1970 400’s he owned, not including my modified 400. The other two are in collections never to be sold.

Jeremy Renners biopic of Steve McQueen coming soon

Purchased by Steve McQueen on Feb 9, 1970

Documented Proof this was his first 1970 400 Cross

Steve bought this on same day as the 1970 250 used at Lake Elsinore. See identical consecutive invoice below.

Raced in District 37

1970 400 Cross just like in “On Any Sunday”

Featured in Matt Stone book “McQueen Machines II

and a story in Marshall Terrill Tribute book to Steve McQueen

California title.

Additional Documents
Original Invoice  in Solar Productions Name
Original MSO in Solar Productions Name
Original DMV registration card in Solar Productions Name
Original Import Document from Axel Johnson ship with Motorcycle frame number
Original signed Memo from Edison Dye, telling  his Manager to pull 1970 400 from Axel Johnson shipment and set aside for Steve McQueen or Steve’s manager Don Mitchell

The first document is the manufactures certificate of origin showing frame number, engine number and
the purchaser as Solar Productions.  Solar Production company was owned by Steve McQueen.
Document is signed by Husqvarna importer Edison Dye. All numbers match the bike.
The second document is the actual invoice with frame number and purchaser Solar Productions. I am
told most of his bikes in this time frame were purchased through Solar Productions.  Solar Productions
funded the famous Academy Award nominated film “On Any Sunday” .
I added a photo below of  McQueen’s invoice for the 1970 Husky 250 that Steve used at Lake Elsinore. It shows
the same date as my 400 cross. You can see that both invoices were ripped with the upper corners
showing a almost perfect overlay.
I spoke with Mario Iscovich who was Steve’s right hand man at the time. Mario remembers when both bikes
were delivered.
You will see a photo below of a 1960 Linclon head penny in a plastic case. Why a penny?
I had Hall of Famer Marty Tripes
delicately clean the McQueen bike and get it running prior to putting it in the San Diego Automotive Muesum.
While the engine was out of the bike Marty noticed a piece of plastic stuffed in the chassis.
Turns out it was this penny. The date on the penny is the same year Chad McQueen was born.
I wonder if it was placed there by Steve as a good luck charm?
There is a more complete writeup at
Many thanks to Don Ince of Vintage Viking
Vintage Viking has a extensive collection of documents from Husqvarna importer Edison Dye of
Med International from original invoices, to canceled checks for some of the biggest stars in motocross
history. Don is uncovering famous documents almost everyday. Visit his website and see what he has.
Only a small amount is on his website  so do ask him whats new and available. His ebay store is also another place to visit.

Steve sold or gave the bike to Valerian’s, 10673 West Pico Blvd, Los Angles CA 90064  around May 1972.

I am the third owner of this bike. I spoke to second owner who, to this day, doesn’t know it was McQueen ’s 400.

When he bought the bike used from Valerians in 1972 he was told it was raced in District 37 by a popular racer but they would not tell him who.

Chad McQueen and Motor Trend editor Matt Stone

Chad McQueen and Motor Trend editor Matt Stone

1960 Lincoln Head Penny found in the chassis of the McQueen bike. Same year Chad McQueen was born.

1960 Lincoln Head Penny found in the chassis of the McQueen bike. Same year Chad McQueen was born.

Invoice for McQueens 250 bought at the same time as my 400

Invoice for McQueens 250 bought at the same time as my 400

Edison Dye Memo


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