Yamaha HL500 1978 GMC Replica

Sold Australia

Geoff Morris Concepts frame #51

Featured on BikeExif.com  http://www.bikeexif.com/yamaha-dirtbike

Customer sent me some photos of this bike in action. Do you think this bike is a trailer queen? You could not be more wrong. Check out the photos on end of this page.

For those of you not aware, the HL500 was a true Yamaha Hybrid made by Yamaha.

SOLD -But I am building others based off FrameCrafter frame.

Original Yamaha HL500 were made in 78-79 . Yamaha contracted with Norton Villiers Triumph in Andover, U.K., to build them. Yamaha only made 200 for each year. The bike consists of custom chassis and swing arm. TT500 four stroke engine, YZ400 suspension, and YZ125C fuel tank, fenders and seat.

This motorcycle is running with only test miles. Usually a one kick bike. Very cool!

This was a pet project of mine that took about 3 years. It took about 18 months to get the chassis made.

This Project: NEW frame, swingarm, foots pegs,custom exhaust, fiberglass side panels, and brake lever hand made by GMC. I had foot pegs, engine kicker, and foot brake nickel plated. Fenders are new replica 1976 YZ125 from http://factor-yz.com Seat and tank are 76 Yamaha 125C. Seat has new foam and vinyl. Tank is custom painted with new custom fuel fill cap and NOS petcock. Shocks are NEW Ohlin’s vintage style Piggy back. Triple tree Yz400 restored with new tape bearings. Handle bars are new Tommaselli, new Scott grips, new Magura side pull throttle. Levers are NOS but the perches are original 79 TT500 restored. New kill switch and NOS cables. Suspension is 1979 YZ 400. Forks are used and lower housing are polished. Hubs are 79 YZ400 restored with new brakes and springs. Front brake plate is restored high performance dual leading brake from 84 YZ490. New chain, New aftermarket chain guide and sprocket. New Dunlop tires D739. Rims are original YZ400 D.I.D rims polished. Spokes and nipples are new stainless steel. New tubes and rim clamps. Engine is 1976 TT500 with Megacycle performance cam and piston. New 36mm Mikuni carb and K&N filter. New cam cover and dual oil line upgrade. New points, condenser, oil filter and coil.





HL500 Race 3

HL500 Race 1

HL500 Race 2


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