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Iconic 1970 400

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custom built by Steve McQueen himself (Sold)


My collection includes bikes owned by

Steve McQueen, Dennis Hopper, Charles Bronson,  Malcolm Smith,

Don Vesco, Swedish racers Torbjorn Winzell and Hakan Anderssen


My restorations

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Now offering 1975 Bimota HB1 Honda 750 Clone.

Custom frame and handmade carbon fiber tank, seat and front fender.


Check out the Yamaha HL500 Snowbike in the left menu.

And the amazing video.

News Nov 2015 Completed 1974 Honda Elsinore CR250

News March 2015 Started Custom build of Bimota HB1 Clone

News Jan 2015 Finished Snow Bike #2

New 9/23/14  Completed Yellow HL500 2014 #3

New 9/22/14 Custom Yamaha XT500 Retro, see left menu. Now being offered on special order.

News 6/24/14  ”I Am Steve McQueen” video trailer. Great documentary

News 12/7/13 YZM400 bike project complete. See Bartolini left menu.

News 4/15/13 Discovered – Dennis Hopper 1970 Husky 250. Currently under restoration. See left menu for link.

News 4/1/13Completed rare 1972 Husqvarna 125. One of only 30 See left menu for link

News 8/18/12 Just acquired Andrea Bartolini Yamaha works 1997 YZM400F engine. Same engine as Doug Henry (see left menu for new project)

News 7/4/12  Husky used in chase scene in movie Mechanic has been found.  Here is your chance to get both bikes from movie as a pair.

News 2/7/12  Newly discovered and under restoration by me, is a 1971 Husqvarana Sportsman used by Charles Bronson in the movie “Mechanic”. The bike was discovered by Don Ince of Vintage Viking . There is a video on You Tube showing a chase scene Here. The bike is the one in the van

News 10/4/11 Thanks to Don Ince of Vintage Viking we have a sweet ending to the documentation for the Aberg 1970 Inter-Am Series 400 Cross. In left menu. As you will read, I found the bike, held on to it for a few years until Don found  the first document showing four bikes used for Inter-Am and sold to dealer as a used race bike. The problem was we did not know who raced which bike. By pure luck I found a article that spoke of Abergs  broken frame from last race at Saddleback race track. I then found the repair  on my frame which identified the bike was the Aberg.  The final document is a memo to Pierre. In Edison Dyes words “Take the Aberg bike to Ring Cycle to repair the swingarm, damaged at Saddleback, needs to be welded.”  Followed by the frame number.  I post the document in Aberg story left menu. It doesn’t get any better than this.

News 9/26/11 I completed the restoration of the 1970 Husky 400 Cross that was the “Buyer Beware” motorcycle you see in my left menu. So there is a Happy ending to this bike. What I did not mention was this was Bengt Abergs 1970 Husky used in the 1969 Inter Am.  The Buyer Beware Bike – Before and After

News 8/19/11 Added a little story about  a trip to pickup bikes and one of the bikes I call The HarleyVarna

News 6/4/11 Here is a photo of my McQueen Husky at this years 2011 Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show. (on the right) Along side it is an identical Husky I restored and sold to a customer. Husky Chino I was told by Don Ince of Vintage Viking, the show was a HUGE success. Double the cars and motorcycles and happy to say the Husky’s were a huge hit again. Thanks Don for all the photo’s This is Don Ince’s personal McQueen owned Husky RT. Chad McQueen giving it a look over. Here is McQueen look alike on my Husky. He is pretty close. McQueen and my customer with 400 Sample of the car show The Cars

News 6/1/11 Finished a 1973 250 Husky and made a GoPro helmet cam video of test ride. Unedited.  This is a huge 335Meg video, so if you have dial up or a PC that runs on steam it won’t work. Husky 250 Here is a short version Husky 250 Short Run.

News 5/14/11    Steve McQueen’s 1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross sold at auction today $144,500.00

News 4/8/2011  The annual  Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show is coming up again. June 4 2011. They have a new website. Car show and this year they are celebrating the movie Lemans. Looks like a great time and of coarse my McQueen Husky will be there along with newly found Husky RT once owned by Steve and now owned by Don Ince. There is also a dinner on Friday June 3 at the Boys republic  with Michael Keyser giving a talk on the behind the scenes of the making of Lemans.

News 3/21/2011  Beverly Hills, Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance. Set you calendar for May 1, 2011 . They will be featuring one of my 1970 400 Cross.

News 3/14/2011 Gunnar Lindstrom book “Husqvarna Success” is out. If your into Husky’s that book is a must have. One of the most complete historical books on Husqvarna I have seen. A thumbs up for any coffee table.

News 3/13/2011 Matt Stones new release of McQueens Machines book is out and it has my McQueen 400 Cross in it. Another great book for the coffe table.

News 2/22/2011 Congratulations to Dan Cogdell for Lawyer of the Year 2011. I was honored when Dan sent me a copy of the front cover of magazine and to see what was behind him in the photo. I did the bike for Dan a few years ago.  Cover Thumps up to Dan for his recent 5th place in 2010 Baja 1000 in Over 40 Pro class. Very impressive.

News 2/8/2011  A second Bengt Aberg Husky has been found. This one was the 1969 Inter-Am race bike. It is on it way to me for restoration. Customer owned.

News 6/10/ 2010  Two more McQueen Husky’s found. Don Ince of Vintage Viking is now the proud owner of Steve McQueens 1970 Husqvarna 250 that Steve shipped from factory in Sweden to France so he would have something to ride around on during the filming of  ”Lemans”. Don has all the supporting documents. The 400 Cross he also shipped with 250 is still not found.  Also found is the 1971  400 Cross used for cover of Sports Illustrated. Steve Bonner is owner.

News 3/28 2010 The book  Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool by Marshall terrill is out now. I was honored to be able to write a short passage in it on page 215.  There is a limited special edition and regular edition. Dalton Books New 3/13 2010 Video at the 2010 Steve McQueen Car show You Tube

NEWS  2/09/2010. My Steve McQueen 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross is now on display at the San Diego Automotive Museum. I have some photos and information in the left menu but then checkout the complete story and video at McQueen Online. You’ll see Chad McQueen signing the tank.

Check out this video of Matt Stone (Editor of Motor Trend magazine) just after he rode the bike outside the San Diego Automotive Museum  He is talking to Chad McQueen on his cell telling him for the first time he just rode his dads bike.

Here is a video by one of my 400 cross  customers. Another happy customer.

Here is good read. Some Husqvarna history by JC Hilderbrand.

What I do: I provide restorations for any type of vintage motorcycle but I specialize in Husqvarna. I only restore a few bikes a year so if you see something you want you better get it while you can. You could wait years. Click on restorations in the menu and see what is available for sale, bikes  sold and what is in process.I restore and sell most of my restorations. I do this as my hobby. I have a passion for it and it is not my main source of income. It simply funds my hobby.

If your interested in any of my restorations or would like your own motorcycle restored by me send me a email. The motorcycles are typically restored to collector or museum quality level.  As you will see the 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross is my favorite and you could say I specialize in them. Most people know that this is the type of motorcycle used in the Bruce Brown academy award nominated documentary “On Any Sunday” with celebrities Steve Mcqueen, Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill. The 400 Cross is the motorcycle used in the documentary by Steve and Malcolm not to mention Steve McQueen and Malcom Smith raced personally. Due to this documentary the 400 Cross is a well sought after motorcycle.

Since there were only approximately 700 of these bikes brought into the country by the importer Edison Dye they have become a somewhat rare bike. It is not known how many still exist. I decided to start a 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross Registry since this bike is probably considered one of the most significant motocross bikes.  If you have a 1970 400 and would like to put it on the list email me and I’ll add it. Serial number, your name, city and state should be all we need for the list. If you can supply your address, email and phone number I’ll keep that private.

She is a beauty  A diamond in the rough!









I think you get the idea!





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