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Custom Motorcycle Builds

and Vintage Restorations

The Discoverer of Two Steve McQueen Husky’s

1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross

And one of a kind, 70 400 Cross

custom built by Steve McQueen himself (Sold)


My collection includes bikes owned by

Steve McQueen, Dennis Hopper, Charles Bronson,  Malcolm Smith,

Don Vesco, Swedish racers Torbjorn Winzell and Hakan Anderssen


My restorations are Pride, Attention to Detail, and Originality.


Now offering 1975 Bimota HB1 Honda 750 Clone.

Custom frame and handmade carbon fiber tank, seat and front fender. See menu


Check out the amazing video of Yamaha HL500 Snow bike I build.


See the one of a kind, Yamaha prototype, 1997 YZM400 Works Electric start engine.

Same engine raced by Doug Henry and Andrea Bartolini.

I blended it, into YZ400F.


What I do: I provide restorations and new builds for any type of motorcycle, or vintage motorcycle. I have specialized in Husqvarna in the past but have been doing more special builds. I only restore a few bikes a year, so if you see something you want, you better get it while you can. You could wait years. Click on the restorations in the menu, and see what is available for sale, or email me for anything special.  If your interested in any of my available bikes or you would like your own motorcycle restored by me, send me a email. The motorcycles are typically restored to collector or museum quality level.

Since there were only approximately 700,400 cross  brought into the country by the importer Edison Dye, they have become a somewhat rare bikes. It is not known how many still exist. I decided to start a 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross Registry since this bike is probably considered one of the most significant motocross bikes.  If you have a 1970 400, and would like to put it on the list, email me and I’ll add it. Serial number, your name, city and state should be all we need for the list. .

She is a beauty  A diamond in the rough!









I think you get the idea!



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