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1974 Bimota HB1

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Bimota HB1 Motorcycle Classic Magazine April 2017

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Bimota HB1 Clone

1975 Bimota HB1

1 of 1 and only one in USA

Article by James McBride Silodrome

Article by Chris Hunter Bikeexif

Photography by Ryan Handt  Ryan Handt

Completed Sept 27, 2016

Lots detail on my Instagram

Bimota HB1 (Honda – Bimota 1) CB750

Bimota’s first Japanese / Italian hybrid

HB1 custom frame by Framecrafters

Carbon fiber tank, Seat fender and front fender

Over 50 custom designed parts all hand made

This is a true Stressed-member frame.

Photo below is of 1 of only 10 original Bimota HB1 750 ever built from BX-1 kit.

It appears there may only be 4 in existence and this clone.



Engine CB750K4 1974

Honda CB750 Engine 100% Rebuilt

Engine detailed by Rob

Megacycle Cam

K&N Air Filter

Custom Oil Pressure Gauge by Rob

Custom oil tank by Ian Halcott Twinline Motorcycles

Custom oil lines with custom CNC engine adaptors by Rob

Dynatek Electronic Ignition

4X4 Custom Mandrel bent exhaust with hand bent megaphone silencers, Magni Style

Custom CNC exhaust hangers by Rob

Titanium and Stainless Steel fasteners


Custom HB1 stressed-member frame by FrameCrafters.net , CNC frame parts by Rob

HB1 Carbon Fiber tank

Ducati petcocks

Carbon Fiber seat with leather upholstery and tail glove compartment

Carbon Fiber front fender

Paint and decals as original

Custom front and rear axles

Original type custom CNC eccentric chain adjuster by Rob

Custom axle spacer by Rob

Custom CNC brake disc spacers by Rob

Suspension +

Marzocchi shocks

Brembo front calipers

Caliper mounts designed and CNC by Rob

Dual front disc brakes with modified hub by Rob

Drilled rotors by Rob

Brembo caliper  - rear disc brakes

Brembo rear master cylinder

Brembo master cylinder mount by Rob

New CB750 Front brake master cylinder

Custom made brake lines front and rear by Hel Performance

Fully tuneable Ceriani GP35R forks. Compression, Rebound and Preload adjustable

Custom adjustable offset triple tree, 45mm +/- 2.5mm or +/- 5mm by Rob

Tommaselli Clip-Ons

Tarozzi rear sets

Custom shift and brake rods by Rob

Excel Aluminum shoulder rim

Stainless Steel spokes by Buchanan

Bridgestone BT45 tires

Road race grips


MotoGadget M-Unit  with Custom wiring

  • Micro Processor operated supervised circuits
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Internal fusing with current monitoring with automatic circuit shut down
  • Semiconductor switching
  • Automatic turn signal shut-off
  • Programmable flasher Digital brake light modulator with flashing sequence
  • Integrated Starter relay Automatic headlight turn off during starter routine
  • Integrated horn relay
  • Integrated alarm system
  • LED circuit indicators for active circuits

Ceriani headlight mount with integrated led turn signals

Custom Front Led turn signals  by Rob

Classic tail light housing with LED lighting and signals

Original CB750 headlight with Halogen Tri-Bar lamp

Original CB750 Handle bar controls

Original CB750 Tachometer with custom Bimota HB1 dial by Rob

Dakota Digital Speedometer

Custom Dashboard and indicators by Rob

Anti-Gravity lithium battery

Custom CNC battery/solenoid tray by Rob

Solid State regulator/rectifier integrated into custom CNC starter cover

This is original Bimota HB1

Bimota HB1

In September 1972, Massimo Tamburini crashed his Honda 750 Four at the Misano racetrack. The accident left him with three broken ribs. If the accident hadn’t occurred, Bimota may never have come into existence. While Massimo was recuperating, he constructed a tubular steel frame that could withstand the horsepower being produced by the big Japanese manufacturer’s engines. The frame Massimo constructed lowered the center of gravity and reduced the weight of the original Honda. With the creation of the HB1, the Bimota was born. Only ten of these bikes were ever produced.

The Bimota name was derived from its founder’s initials; Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini. However, it was the enthusiasm and engineering excellence of Massimo Tamburini that carried the Company to success. In the 1970s, Bimota produced racing frames that caught the attention of serious bike racers. Frames such as the YB1, YB2, YB3 and HDB1, HDB2 and SB1, were of superior quality and the perception of what a racing bike should be was changed forever.

Only 10 of the HB1 were built. None of them was designed to be street legal, they were all meant to be race bikes. The mos it beginst famous driver was Luigi Anelli, who raced a HB1 in 1973. Today, this is probably the most sought after special framed Honda CB 750 SOHC/4 bike.

………..now it begins.


CB750 for Bimota HB!

Bimota HB1 2016


Bimota HB1 Frame

Bimota HB1RearBimota HB1 Front


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