Micro Power Suitcase Minibike

Currently seeking history. If you have any information of these bikes I would like to post it here. If you have one and would like to donate a photo I would be glad to add it. I am also going to track the frames numbers to try to find out how many we’re made.

Here is what I have so far.

Manufactured by:

Micro Power Products Inc.
701 Kings Row
San Jose, California

It appears there are  two models. One model has single head light and other a dual head light.

The model number for one of these bikes is model 101

The bike engine is 1 HP made by Ohlsson & Rice or refered to as O&R

Bike fits into a large suitcase, Name on case is Grasshopper. Don’t know if this is manufacture or model name yet.

Micro Power Mini Suit Case Bike

This is one at the Flat Track Museum. I don’t have a photo of mine in the case.

Micro Power Mini Bike Suit Case


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