1971 Yamaha DT1MX 250

True factory MX

Completed 11/1/13

Article: 1971 DT1MX Yamaha by Rick Sieman Superhunky.com

The 1971 DT1MX Yamaha was the last of a breed that started in 1967-68, with the first Yamaha DT1 250 Enduro. Never remembered for good handling qualities, the DT1 did have reliability and strength that made it a natural for dirt biking.

This fact was not lost on the go-fast crowd, and soon the DT1 was the object of desire for many a dirt rider in the early nineteen seventies, since all of us were inveterate tinkerers and modifiers, because that’s how it was if you wanted to go fast. And we were getting sick of our BSAs and Bultacos blowing up underneath us. Enter the Yamaha DT1.

This was the last of the GYT kitted enduro MX line that started in 1968. When you purchased a Yamaha MX what you got was a stripped enduro with a GYT kit (GYT stood for Genuine Yamaha Tuning). The GYT kit comprised of a different cylinder, head, piston, carburetor and expansion chamber. The rest of the machine was an enduro, devoid of lighting equipment, and sported big white square number plates on the forks, and the flanks of the bike.

The machine was over-built, with crankshaft bearings twice the size of other 250s, and a seemingly indestructible transmission/clutch assembly that took serious abuse and came back for more.

The 1971 was also the year Yamaha started getting serious about producing a real off-road motorcycle, with different spring rates in the forks, and a 21” front wheel. This bike also had some pretty radical porting in its piston-port motor; with a one ring piston and 32mm flange Mikuni carburetor (stock on the enduro was a 28 mm). Also, you could see that the GYT kit was somewhat hand fitted, with ports hand shaped, polished and matched. Neat stuff when you think of the reputation Japanese products had back after WWII.

This was the bike that caught the attention of anyone who raced or rode a dirt bike. For $895.00 out the door, you got a fast, reliable and with minor modifications, a decent handling motorcycle that didn’t blow up every other race, and set a new standard for dirt bikes in general. The motorcycle factories in old Europe scoffed at the DT1, until they closed their doors a few short years later that is.


DT1MX 250 Cylinder
DT1MX 250 Sandblast Parts
DT1MX 250 Cylinder Head
DT1MX 250 Painted parts
DT1MX 250
DT1MX 250 Skid Plate
DT1MX 250 Brake plates
DT1MX 250 Handlebars
DT1MX 250 All New cables
DT1MX 250 Left Side Cover
DT1MX 250 Zinc Plated parts
DT1MX 250 Triple tree topDT1MX 250 Triple Tree
DT1MX 250 Foot Peg Bracket
DT1MX 250 Levers
DT1MX 250 Plated airbox
DT1MX 250 Restored levers
DT1MX 250 Seat Pan Restored
DT1MX 250 Brake rod and lever
Walnut Blasted Engine Cases
Fuel and Oil Tanks
DT1MX Swing Arm
DT1MX Rear Hub
DT1MX rear wheel
1971 Yamaha DT1MX 250 Brakes
1971 Yamaha DT1MX 250 rear wheel complete
1971 Yamaha DT1MX 250 front wheel complete
Frame blasted
1971 DT1MX Frame
1971 DT1 MX Frame

The oil tank level window is NOS

DT1MX Oil Tank

New Foam – New Cover and restored seat base.

New Seat foam, cover and restored base

Cylinder bored 1st over for new piston

1971 DT1MX 250 Cylinder

DT1MX Seat

DT1MX Seat and hardware2

Yamaha badges soon to follow

DT1MX Tank

New Handlesbars, Grips, Gray cables and adjusters. Original levers restored

Yamaha DT1MX Handlebars

DT1MX 250

Video of ignition spark. DT1MX Ignition Spark

DT1MX Ignition

DT1 MX Carburetor

DT1MX Carburetor

DT1MX 250 Engine

1971 DT1 MX 250

1971 DT1 MX 250


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