1969 Husqvarna 360 Sportsman – 4 Speed

Original owner Bud Ekins


Restoration Complete 11/11/11

As you see below this is the original sales invoice for this bike and it is signed by Bud Ekins. The history of this motorcycle is unknown. If anyone knows why Bud Ekins purchased this Husqvarana I would love to know.


Chrome Parts

Upper Fork Tubes coated and re-ground

Black Oxide Parts

All the plated parts

Rear Hub

Rear Hub, Plate

Rear Hub


rear shocks

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel


69 Husqvarna Sportsman

1969 Husky Sportsman Bud Ekins

Bud Ekins Tank

Bud Ekins rear

Bud Ekins controls

Bud Ekins Husky 360 Sportsman

Bud Ekins 1969 Husqvarna 360 Sportsman


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