1970 Husqvarana 400 Cross

Photos show the 1153 bike with the Malcolm Smith MH1130 bike. Both bikes were restored at the same time.

It is restored as correct as possible with such items as original “Bufo bolts with “red” nylon lock nuts, Trelleborg tires and NOS Berg Union “clover” stamped spokes and nipples and more.

All the parts on this bike were restored, re-painted, re-chromed or re-plated.

Description of work:

Chassis – Media blasted, painted and clear coated. The silver PPG paint was mixed to the original formula published by the Husky Club.

All hex bolts are original “Bufo”. Many NOS Bufo, Engine rebuilt , Tires – Original “Trelleborgs” in very good used condition.

Original Akronts – Restored ,  Bing carb – rebuilt ,Original air cleaner cover and new UNI air cleaner. New standoffs and studs.

Tank – Rechromed, painted and correct labels. PERFECT! (It has been found that all the decals on the market as of today use incorrect font. These are absolutely correct.

New original fuel cap and petcock,  Original NOS steering head bearings, Original NOS Steering head nut.

Original Seat – Reupholstered , New Fenders – New and polished Using painted fender washers.

New Inner rear fender , New Number Plates. The expensive and more correct ones from Vintage Husky.

Original Handlebars rechromed , New Magura grips , Restored Magura levers , Restored Magura trap door throttle

NOS Original cables with oilers. Brake, clutch and throttle, Original Girling shocks restored and new chromed top covers.

Sprocket. Original and replated , NOS New Brake rod and spring, NOS New original spokes with “Clover Stamp” (Yes…original spokes.)

NOS New original spokes nipples with “Clover Stamp” (Yes…original spoke nipples.), NOS brake shoes with “Made in Sweden” on them.

Replated brake springs, New tire tubes , New tire rim locks , New chain ,



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